Monday, March 12, 2007

Frostburg Book Giveaway

It looks like this year's ginormous Book Give Away will be held (approximately) from Friday, April 20 - Wednesday, April 25, or until the books are all gone. The giveaway will be located at Frostburg's City Place on Water Street. All books are free (and there are usually over 150,000 shipped in to choose from) with a good bit of everything from textbooks to novels, gardening to home improvement. I offer no guarantee that there will be large numbers of sci-fi specifically - every year is different. I have picked up a number of good titles in years past. Those who volunteer to unload trucks and help set up have first crack at the selection. Call FSU's Center for Volunteerism for more information or to volunteer (301) 687-4210.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that sounds promising. I'll be sure to pop in.

7:33 AM  

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