Monday, February 19, 2007

1st sf reading group proposal

here is my idea. for a first reading group selection i propose the novel "Light" by M. John Harrison. this novel recieved strong critical attention upon its release and seems as good as any contemporary novel to start with (besides i've been pushing it for years on science fiction readers who stop into Main Street Books and am anxious to take some of my own medicine).
and here is the rest of the idea...... we meet either march 26th or 27th at 8pm (which date works better?) at the Draft Zone on Main Street. in addition to any book discusion going down better with a bit of lubrication, the Draft Zone folks offer a smoke free social space, good beer, and the best bar food in town. monday and tuesday are usually quiet nights so noise should not be a problem.
if anyone needs a copy of the book we will carry some extras at Main Street Books. since this will be a book for a reading club it will come at a 10% discount. so stop in if you are in need.


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