Friday, January 26, 2007

Harry Potter Introduced Me to Satan

It was like looking in a mirror. Anyone seen this:

She's Back! Laura Mallory, OFF/beat's 2006 Idiot of the Year, appears undeterred in her quest to banish Harry Potter books from school libraries. The suburban-Atlanta mother announced, Wednesday, that she plans to appeal a Georgia court's dismissal of her contention that the best-selling novels are "evil" propaganda aimed at indoctrinating youngsters into witchcraft. Despite having never read the books herself, Ms. Mallory persistently maintains that she is "tak[ing] a stand for truth."

Mallory wrote a long op ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today about her Crusade against Potter and Rowling. I like the fact that her truths and her myths are both derived from myth:

Myth: Witchcraft is just harmless fantasy.

Truth: This is perhaps the greatest myth of all. America's desensitization to the occult is not only sad, but dangerous. We are in serious need of revival and a return to the traditional Judeo-Christian roots upon which our blessed country was founded.

I cannot count the times I have been told that these books are "just fantasy." But if you would like to know the truth, please keep reading and do your own research. Not only is witchcraft a real religion, subtly intriguing and luring our children and teens in unprecedented numbers, but it is also a dangerous one, often leaving its followers in darkness, depression and even suicidal. This was verified by a teenager from Lawrenceville and Mrs. Marsha McWhorter, a registered nurse and certified marriage and family therapist, both of whom testified at the Gwinnett County hearing on April 20, 2006, coincidentally, the anniversary of the tragic shootings at Columbine High School.


When the Bible and prayer were removed from our schools, in effect, God was expelled. So we've raised a generation not to know him. Now our schools and society are filled with violence, drugs, gangs, addictions, perversions, and we wonder why?

We need God in America again. He's the one who says don't lie, steal or murder — for our own good. Likewise, He's the one who says witchcraft, including the casting of spells, is an "abomination," meaning: detestable, repulsive, loathsome, vile, abhorred, (Deuteronomy 18:10-13), and we call it good reading material?

Last time I checked, every society since the beginnings of recorded history has been filled with violence, drugs, gangs, addictions and perversions, mostly due to xenophobic, superstitious nitwits like Mallory. And there was (were) even more god(s) in those eras.

*The painting above depicts the infamous Siege of Antioch, the first known battle in which the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch was used.


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Thanks for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch link. I had no idea that throwaway gag (pardon the pun) had become such a motif in pop culture!

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