Thursday, January 04, 2007


Chris writes:
Hooray! I'm biding my time in Catonsville (Baltimore) until I'm able to sell my house and move to Frostburg/Cumberland. Was hoping to find a writers group out there...and here it is!
"Hooray!" is just the sort of response we're looking for, Chris, and we look forward to meeting you. Send me an e-mail and I'll send you a blog invite. What brings you to Allegany County?

I should add, though, that (FS)2 isn't exactly a writers' group, as it isn't just for writers; it's for everyone interested in this stuff. I wouldn't be at all surprised, though, if a subset of (FS)2 members didn't form a local writers' group, sooner or later. I'm not in the market for a writers' group myself, but I have a lot of experience with them and have found them, at times, invaluable; I happily encourage others to try them, too.

Aspiring sf, fantasy and horror writers also should check out the workshops and writers' resources in the links column to the right.

(Thanks to undergrad math major Tricia Shore and her engineer husband for pointing out my mathematical typo earlier.)


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